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Advertise Your Business is an effective way to expose your tourism driven business to impending guests. We are committed to encouraging visitors into our smaller towns and regions and promoting a culture of pride and stewardship in tourism operators and guests alike. is a signatory to the New Zealand Tourism Sustainablity Commitment. 

Why choose Southproud?

We charge a flat rate. No commission.  

We only advertise New Zealand owned and operated businesses so you are not competing with large international franchises. is a fantastic resource for those planning their itinerary on desktop without having to search several different sites or apps for travel options.  

Our users don't need to download an app as they pass through each region. With, the whole South Island is showcased on one site. No downloads, just great info. is totally mobile compatible and our integrated mapping system ensures your business is located without fuss. Showcasing our South in one cohesive portal.


Listing fees; 

Introductory 12 month trial listing; $149.00.

This is an obligation free trial. $149.00 covers set up of your advertisement and gives you the opportunity to experience how  works for you. This offer only applies to first time subscribers.  When your trial period ends you can choose one of our ongoing listing options. 

12 months $249.00

24 months $399.00

Non-profit organisations; $50.00 per year.

Blog feature rates are available by request. 

Ask us about our multi listing discount if you own and operate more than one business.  

Exposing your business on is easy. Just complete our online form below. We'll be in touch to retreive images and video.

You must;

  • Be a privately owned New Zealand business.
  • Operate within the South Island of New Zealand, Stewart Island or the Chatham Islands.
  • Have legal authorisation to submit information relating to the business you are listing.  

If you have any further queries please don't hesitate to give us a call.