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Best Natural Insect Repellent | Beat The Bugs!

There are some places in New Zealand where you can't avoid pesky, annoying insects. Here's a natural recipe to keep the blighters at bay!

Best Natural Insect Repellent | Beat The Bugs! - 1


Anyone who has visited Milford Sound will tell you about New Zealand's infamous sand-fly. Stand still for 30 seconds and you're fair game for these tiny suckers. Keep moving and they're not so bad. Differing conditions make them more or less annoying, so, to avoid slapping yourself silly here's a simple chemical free way to stop bugs dead in their tracks.

Melaleuca Alternifolia (commonly known as Tea Tree) produces a natural antiseptic oil derived from its leaves. Tea Tree Oil is readily available in New Zealand supermarkets and pharmacies. Traditionally used to treat minor cuts and abrasions, the antiseptic properties in Tea Tree Oil make it a renowned treatment for acne and other skin conditions. It's also one of nature’s best insect repellents!

To make your own natural insect repellent you'll first need a carrier oil. We recommend Olive, Almond or Coconut Oil as a base. They're wonderful moisturisers with natural benefits of their own and relatively inexpensive. To 100ml of carrier oil add 10ml of Tea Tree Oil and mix thoroughly. Spray or rub the oil all over your body avoiding your eyes, nose & mouth. You can also spray the mixture onto your clothing & inside your tent or camper to stop bugs from entering.

We recommend testing Tea Tree Oil on a small patch of skin prior to use to test for allergies. Tea Tree Oil is highly potent and may cause irritation. Remember to keep your potion in a safe place away from small children and pets. Do not ingest the mixture.

Tea Tree Oil is proven to be as effective, if not better than, DEET.


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