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Hine – Kohu | The Mist Maid

Mist is personified in Maori legend in this delightful story of Hine – kohu, The Mist Maid.

Hine – Kohu | The Mist Maid - 1Hine – Kohu | The Mist Maid - 2

As in many cultures, beautiful stories & legends personify natural occurrences, evolution, flora & fauna. The mist you witness in New Zealand is known in Maori legend as Hine – kohu, The Mist Maid.
To understand Hine – kohu, you must first familiarise yourself with the bond of Ranginui (Rangi – Sky Father) & Papatuanuku (Papa – Earth Mother).
In the beginning, Rangi & Papa were locked together in such a tight embrace that no light could enter the world. Feeling constricted and frustrated with their dark existence, Rangi & Papa’s children hatched an elaborate plan to separate their parents and fill the world with light and warmth.
Several attempts failed until Tane, God of the Forest, lay on his back and forced Rangi & Papa apart with his strong legs.
Hine – kohu, The Mist Maid now greets both Rangi & Papa at first light. Usually mist or fog appears in the early morning and it is said that Hine – kohu, as she hovers between Rangi & Papa, bridges the gap of their separation.
Next time you see low cloud, mist or fog hovering over a lake or mountain, you’ll know it’s Hine – kohu, The Mist Maid, consoling two estranged lovers.


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