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There’s never been a time when New Zealand needs New Zealander’s more.

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If there is one industry that has been totally decimated by the outbreak of COVID-19, it’s tourism & hospitality. Just as New Zealander’s have banded together to keep our families and communities safe during lockdown, we’ll need to band together again during the economic reset. Domestic tourism will be vital in aiding the recovery of many small businesses and continue to provide locals with employment. This doesn’t mean you have to travel out of town or max out the credit card on an elaborate excursion. It can be as easy as ordering a meal via ‘click & collect’ from your nearest restaurant or takeaway.
While there have been calls for ‘special rates’ for Kiwis, what many don’t realise is a lot of tourism driven businesses have really tight margins. They have seasons where they rely on high volume to sustain themselves through slower times and continue to pay their set costs like rates, insurance & maintenance.
We’re asking Kiwis to keep it Kiwi. Whether you’re just scraping through, or have some means to spare, it’s time to look after ourselves and our nation. As we move down through lockdown levels and our liberties return to normal, please support your local business communities. Do the ‘touristy’ stuff if you can and learn about your local service providers. Remember how your heart swells with pride every time a visitor tells you how beautiful New Zealand is and go find that ‘wow’ factor yourself. Fall in love with our landscapes, wildlife and beaches and reconnect with the beautiful islands we call home. If a family member is having a birthday, anniversary or special celebration, why not gift them a voucher. A romantic night in a motel, a ‘click and collect’ meal, or a pass to one of the fantastic experiences in our back yard. Instead of shopping on overseas websites, how about checking out the New Zealand Made website to find what you need. You’ll be supporting a Kiwi with every click!

We hope you'll take a browse through our web directory and find a local business you can support, or some new experiences to try when you're able to travel.

If you are a South Island business needing a helping hand during these challenging times, we are offering free advertising until our borders reopen. 

Kia kaha New Zealand. Together, we are strong.  

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