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So, what’s all the ‘Fanfare’ about?

The giant silver ball at the northern entrance to Christchurch - that’s Fanfare.

So, what’s all the ‘Fanfare’ about? - 1So, what’s all the ‘Fanfare’ about? - 2

You may have zoomed past it or caught a glimpse of it when flying into Christchurch, but what you may not know is this giant sculpture designed by New Zealander Neil Dawson, CNZM, once dangled precariously from the Sydney Harbour Bridge!
For once, instead of trying to steal our stuff, (Pavlova, Phar Lap & Crowded House to name a few), the Aussies gifted ‘Fanfare’ to the city of Christchurch in 2007 and it was erected at Chaney’s Corner for all to enjoy. There’s a small lay by next to the sculpture on Main North Road where you can park and take a closer look.
From a distance the fans appear to be small, but they’re actually 1.5 metres wide, perfectly catching air and light as they spin. At night, the sculpture is illuminated resembling a giant disco ball.
It’s mesmerising. In fact, if it was situated in a quiet garden somewhere, you could lay underneath it and drift off to a happy place of contemplation. There’s no chance of that next to a thundering motorway, however, it’s still worthy of a stop to marvel at this incredible feat of engineering and art.

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