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Welcome to the Last Day of 2019

According to Michael J Fox we should all be flying around on zippy hoverboards tomorrow!

Welcome to the Last Day of 2019 - 1

If, like me, you grew up with The Jetsons, your robot maid should be delivering you breakfast in bed in the morning.
I grew up in the 70’s. Being home by ‘street lights out’ and still getting my fresh, cold milk delivered in a glass bottle to the front gate was the norm. We had no computers or cell phones and our land line numbers consisted of just five digits. The thought of what life would be like in 2020 was inconceivable.

You can scream ‘boomer’ all you like, but I’d give a million bucks to have just one of those childhood days back. Two cents brought me a huge bag of mixed sweets. I could get lemonade in a frosty glass vessel and when I’d finished the shop keeper gave me money for the empty bottle. If I saved up Pop’s newspapers and took them to the local butcher, he’d pop a tainted copper coin in my little hand and contribute to my sweet hoard.

When our school or club needed something, we’d have a bottle drive and what an eye opener that was. Empty crates of beer would be left on the side of the road for the volunteers to collect. Some were stacked taller than the folk collecting them! We had little brown bank books with a cute squirrel on the front cover. School banking days would see my 20 cents deposited as my nest egg grew every week. We didn’t drive everywhere. Shopping was done once a week when Pop would pull his big green Chev out of the garage to go to town. After a whiz around the local op shops with Nan, we’d head to the local freezing works to get our meat. Our fruit and veg came from the garden where Pop would spend his days off tilling and weeding. He grew the yummiest acid free tomatoes I ever had in my life. I’d scoff them like apples as the juice stained my clothes, much to Nan’s consternation. Not to worry. We had a flash new wringer washing machine! Once a week I’d stand on an old nail box in the laundry and help my beautiful grandmother get everything clean. 
At the age of 94 and nearing the end of her life, I sat with Nan in hospital. It was the 90’s and I had just saved enough to buy my first cell phone. It rang, I answered and a conversation ensued. Nan kept asking me who I was talking to. I showed her the mobile phone and explained I could now take calls wherever I went. “Well I never!” she said. 
As technology continues to evolve, we adapt our lives to a fast-paced world often losing our connection with the things that really matter. Sitting around a dining room table with our family eating a home cooked meal. Play that involves moving off a couch.  Taking a ball to the park with our friends, riding our bikes to the beach or just taking time to sit in nature and appreciate the beautiful world we live in.  These are things that were normal to a generation of handy folk who are often goaded for hankering back to a simplistic, physically connected way of life. Funnily enough, 'new age' types are reverting back to the less fussy lifestyle we lived back then. They were the ‘Glory Days’ and I miss them.

Wherever you are in the world, I hope that 2020 brings you love, joy, good health and happiness. Chuck out the resolutions and be kind to yourself. No matter what plans you make, every day brings new lessons and changes of heart. Move with the tide of life, change what you can and don't sweat the small stuff. 

I’ll leave you with this Scottish New Year Greeting by Robert Wilson. It was a favourite of my Nan’s.

Haste ye back, we love you dearly
Call again, you're welcome here.
May your days be free from sorrow,
And your friends be ever near.
May the path on which you wander
Be a joy to you each day.
Haste ye back, we love you dearly
Haste ye back on friendship's way.


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