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Where’s Your ‘WOW’ New Zealand?

Life's too short to be in a hurry. Take some time to 'Rekindle your Kiwiness'. 

Where’s Your ‘WOW’ New Zealand? - 1

We’re a zippy lot, us Kiwis.

We get in the car and off we go, non-stop until we reach our destination. We have a tendency to whiz by the 'poo brown' information signs pointing to beautiful waterfalls, walks, historic sites, landmarks and picnic areas. 

(*ponders who actually picked that colour for the road signs).

Next question; Have we lost our ‘wow’?

Images on social media give us an inkling of the beauty that surounds us but what you can't get from an image is the 'feels'. 

The scent of a damp forest floor. The humidity that comes before the heavens open in the rainforest. The chilly wind that takes your breath away on a sunny day in the mountains - can only be felt. Then, of course, there’s the ‘wow’ moments.

Driving round a blind bend to find wild blue rivers, towering snow capped mountains and a complete sense of wilderness. The collections, stories and memories adorning walls of old pubs, galleries and community museums. Our café & food truck culture where the plume of aromatic coffee wafts alongside the salivating scent of bacon butties and home grown produce.

We're also blessed with the small degree of separation that comes with living in a little country. The friendly, open nature of our people. The rise of an acknowledging eyebrow that leads to conversations with someone who turns out to be your neighbours cuzzy! 
This is our New Zealand, the sensual, grounding moments that connect us to these tiny idyllic islands.

I refuse to use words like ‘unprecedented’ or ‘never before’ as a prelude to encouraging Kiwis to get out and explore New Zealand. Our populous is certainly reduced without overseas guests, but the natural beauty has always been here just waiting for us to step out and rekindle our ‘Kiwiness’.

Go camping. Take the back roads. Devour local cuisine. Stand under the waterfall and marvel at nature. Make memories. Ground your soul in this beautiful land and fill your senses with wonder, and, if you want the ‘feels’, familiarise yourself with those delightful, (*snorts) brown signs. 


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Image; Lake Hawea

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