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Catlins Kayak and Adventure

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Our small group tours give you the opportunity to view the remote Catlins Coast. On your journey you’ll observe not only diverse and dramatic scenery but unique wildlife that call this place home.

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Small group tours daily. 

Short Trail: As the sun comes up the early morning paddle crosses Oil Store Bay; it's here we keep an eye out for some Yellow Eyed Penguin heading out for breaky. We tally up the
seals on the nearby rocky shore before returning to the historical launching bay. 6-8am Depending on the season.

Long Trail: Setting a leisurely course for the Nuggets we search out seals and sea birds as we make our way along the cliff edge. Below the Nugget Point Lighthouse we watch the steady activity of the colony whilst looking up at the envious visitors high above. 9-12pm.

Your Trail: Looking for a more tailor-made experience? Get in touch and we can plan your trail.